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Girls Golf Camp

The Michigan Girls Golf Camp mission is to provide great one-on-one and group instruction that is concentrated on the long term development of our campers.  We focus on fundamentals, individual instruction, and a wide variety of seminars to cover all facets of the game.  Our campers will work with the same instructor in a small group for the entire camp, which keeps the communication simple and consistent.  Camp to teacher ratio is 5:1 to maximize one-on-one time with coaches.  Campers will participate in clinics throughout the camp that will allow them to learn from our experienced coaches.  Campers will also receive on course instruction, ranging from course management, green reading, pre-shot routine, and mental toughness.  Our goal is to create a great learning atmosphere for our campers in a fun, but productive environment.  

Girls Golf Camp: June 22-24

Camp Fee: $500 commuter
Open to all girls ages 11-18

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Camp highlights include:

  • Campers will work with the same instructor for the entire camp which allows the student to have consistent communication with their designated coach.
  • V1 Golf Swing Analysis – Each camper will receive a personalized swing video at the end of the camp which reviews the specific instruction they received from their coach. 
  • Seminars including: NCAA Rules/Collegiate Golf, Nutrition, Golf Psychology, Rules of Golf.
  • On-Course experience where the camper will receive instruction ranging from management skills, green reading, pre-shot routine, and mental toughness.
  • Instruction that focuses on the long term development in all facets of the game.
  • Exposure to the University of Michigan golf teams (collegiate players), the beautiful UM campus, and the coaching staff.
  • Campers will interact with some members of the U of M Women’s Golf Team who will be present to provide instruction and insight into the daily lives of a college athlete.  

In accordance with NCAA rules, Michigan sports camps may limit attendance based on several factors, such as age, number and grade level. However, camp attendance at Michigan (including attendance at elite or advanced camps) is never restricted by a camper's skill level or competitive experience.